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Johnson County Library
171 N. Adams Ave.
Buffalo, Wy 82834

Welcome To the Johnson County Library. For the comfort and safety of all library patrons, all library users must adhere to the following library policies. The spirit of these policies is to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for library users and staff.
While in the library, please:
  • Inform the staff if you need assistance for your use of library services
  • Be responsible for the safety, well-being and conduct of children and others in your area
  • Cooperate with the requests of the library staff
  •  Respect other users’ rights of access-both physically and intellectually-to the library
  • Dress in appropriate public attire, including shoes and shirts
  • Explore all the different materials that are available at the library
Unacceptable behavior
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or a chemical substance
  • Smoking or use of tobacco or tobacco products
  • Fighting with other patrons or staff
  • Pushing, running, shoving or throwing objects
  • Use of personal audio communication devices so that others can hear
  • Harassing or threatening others. This includes: pursuing unwanted conversation, impeding access to the building, following another patron with the intent to harass, or other actions which are reasonably perceived as hostile
  • Engaging in sexual misconduct such as exposure, unwanted touching, verbal or other unwanted sexual advances to others
  • Talking loudly or excessively
  • Accessing non-public areas
  • Destroying or stealing library materials or personal property
  • Entering with animals, other than service animals that assist patrons with disabilities
  • Tampering with the arrangement of library materials to the extent that it would make finding the materials difficult for other patrons
  • Having offensive bodily hygiene or odor that constitutes a nuisance to others
Consequences of misconduct:
The County Librarian or designee will apply these rules in a fair and equitable manner for the benefit of all. The consequences of misconduct may be any of the following: verbal warning, denial of access, eviction, loss of library privileges, or prosecution to the full extent of the law.
Due process:
Patrons who are evicted, denied access or who lose library privileges may meet with the county librarian or her/his designee in an informal session to protest the eviction or loss of privilege. The patron shall be given notice of the reasons for the disciplinary action and an opportunity to respond, i.e. present her/his side of the story. The decision of the county librarian/designee shall be final and may not be appealed in any forum.