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Johnson County Library
171 N. Adams Ave.
Buffalo, Wy 82834
Our local history collection contains photographs (most of which are now digitized and easy to search), oral history recorded disc with printed transcriptions, video tapes, obituaries, newspaper clippings, family histories, manuscripts, cemetery records, Wyoming State Grave Registration project files, Historic Site Register information and miscellaneous additional sources.  This collection is name and subject indexed.  It is complimented by books from the library circulation collection, as well as books which do not circulate, but are available for supervised in-house usage.
Buffalo newspapers including : BUFFALO ECHO, BUFFALO VOICE  and the BUFFALO BULLETIN from 1800's to the present day.  The newspapers are on microfilm and physical format.  The Library has an extensive file dealing with the 1892 Johnson County Cattle War.

Time and circumstance were bringing changes to the free range in what is now northeastern Wyoming.  The operators of the large cattle outfits, resisting these changes, recruited 25 gunmen from Texas and formed a vigilante group known as the Invaders.  The group gathered in Cheyenne and took a train to Casper and continued north by horseback.  The group planned to proceed secretly to Johnson County.  Supposedly, they carried a list of suspects they planned to kill.  At the Kaycee cabin, they encountered Nate Champion and Nick Ray and killed them.  The killings were observed and when the news reached Buffalo, a group of armed men rode out to meet the Invaders.  They met at the TA Ranch, and after several days, Federal troops rode out from Fort McKinney to rescue the Invaders.  They were taken to the Fort and then transferred to Cheyenne.  Political power ensured the group would never come to trial for the murders.

Johnson County Cattle War      
Go Devil
Dudley Champion on Left
Nate Champion (2nd from left)
TA Ranch

Resources on the Reference shelf are for use in the library.  These are primarily indexes and are for quick reference use.  Included are guides to genealogy resources on the Internet.  Our vertical file has reproducible forms as well as catalogs showing newly published resources.

            Magazines:      Internet Genealogy is available for checkout.

            Databases:      ANCESTRY LIBRARY EDITION is available on the public computers at the library.  You can no longer access it from outside the library.

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Willow Grove Cemetery: 
Alphabetical listing of burials 

Buffalo Obituary
Index of obits published in Buffalo Bulletin.
Digital and paper copies available.

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Original Wyoming State Flag

On display at the Johnson County Library is one of six original Wyoming state flags made by designer Verna Keyes.  Originally designed in 1916, the flag is made of silk taffeta.  The buffalo is handpainted in oil and the Wyoming seal is inked on top.  In April 1982 the flag was framed by the Friends of the Library and unveiled by Verna Keyes herself at a Friends luncheon.
The Jim Gatchell museum in Buffalo, WY also has one of these flags on display.
Natrona County Library has a third flag on display along with Mrs. Keyes' recollection of the flag's creation.  A fourth flag is at the Carbon County Museum.
Wyoming State Flag